Last Days of Summer Hop – Welcome Steph Beck!


Wow them with Yum.

I really like to make yummy things to eat and give away. I do it all year ‘round, but in the summer it gets a little difficult to bake without heating up the house to seriously uncomfortable proportions. Soooo, no-bake treats are great. The recipe I’m sharing is not new. I have seen recipes for this one in many incarnations with added treats, flavorings, etc, so you can make it minty, raspberry flavored, boozierific—whatever fits your mood.

brownie and cream

Oreo Torte

1 package of Oreos (you will have a few extra)
2 sticks of unsalted butter (you will have extra)
1 Pint carton of heavy whipping cream (plenty left over for fresh whipped cream)
1-10 oz package semisweet chocolate (or dark if you like it)


Step 1: Take 2 rows of Oreos and crush them in a zipper bag (or food process them)
Step 2: Press crumbs in the bottom of a pan (8×8 works fine-but you can go fancier if you want)
Step 3: Pour ½ cup melted butter over the cookie crumbs.
Place crust in the Freezer


Step 1: pour ½ cup of cream in sauce pan. Heat to light boil, watching carefully.
Step 2: Remove from heat.
Step 3: Add 7 oz of chocolate and ¼ cup of butter (small cubes melts faster).
Step 4: Stir constantly until chocolate and butter are melted into cream.
Step 5: Remove crust from freezer and pour the filling mixture over it.
Step 5: Add your chocolate chip sprinkles or nuts or Oreos now for decoration
Step 6: Return to freezer for at least 2 hours.

Special Notes

Will be delicious after 3 hours.
Will be AMAZING after 24 hours.
Fresh whipped cream makes this even better.
Got book club coming up? Friends coming over? This one will wow them 🙂

And now for another awesome summer treat, Steph’s new book and a great contest!

SB_Home to Hellas_NOLOGO

Jenn’s love of basketball and travel lead her to Greece, but only one man could keep her coming back. After sharing sexy summers with distinguished businessman Dorian Logos, Jenn returns for a seventh with more emotional baggage than she’d like, but her feelings for Dorian push her out of her comfort zone.

Dorian has loved Jenn for years, the young American delivering spice and sweetness during their weeks together. When she arrives in Hellas, limping from an injury, he quickly sees more than her knee is hurting. He wants his love to be enough to heal all ails, but it’s hard to show his love to a woman who can’t tolerate his touch. If he can help Jenn get well, he might be able to make their usual summer last and bring her home to Hellas forever.

Start your Home to Hellas visit now!

Barnes and Noble:

That leaves one question WWYD?

What Would You Drink if you were in Greece with your lover—and would you make him something yummy to go with it?

Enter your answer in the comments and be sure to follow the Rafflecopter contest to enter for loads of fabulous prizes, including $10 Amazon/B&N giftcard, 1 of 3 swag bags, and an ebook of Home to Hellas

Enter to Win!  Click the Rafflecopter Link now!

Thank you so much for letting me host you, Steph. Best wishes with this hot summer read and thanks for making me a little fatter…helps as we Minnesotans go into hibernation this fall. 😉



About Margie Church

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren't typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her books fascinating. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well. Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, biking, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh.
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