Welcome Mysterious Isobelle Cate!

Personal Icon 180 x 200Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fueled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.

Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

Welcome to Romance with SASS, my dear, and your turn in the hot seat!

1. What’s your biggest joy as a writer? 
My biggest joy is when I get to see my books out there, and the joy I give my readers when they say how much they like reading my stories. Nothing makes a writer more fulfilled than to see that they have made someone’s day.

2. What’s your biggest challenge as a writer?
My biggest challenge is making the story as interesting as possible, to make it a page turner. Readers are very discerning and to lose them in the middle of your story is something any writer would probably dread. I also have a day job so another challenge is how to get enough time to write.

3. Do your characters speak to you?
Oh yes they do. And they’re actually very nice people to get to know. But when they start talking all at the same time, I drown their chatter with rock music. Hahaha!

I’ve never tried that one! I usually put a pillow over my head and command them to shut up!

4. What inspires your stories most often?
There are a lot of things that inspire me. Novels of other writers I follow is one. Another is the place where I am at that particular moment. I can walk in the park and suddenly I’ll think of a “what if” situation. I carry a notebook with me for those eureka moments. Another thing that inspires me are stories of how couples fall in love and stayed true and strong despite the challenges they had to face in their lives. I also derive inspiration from History. Oh yes, and when I see men that make my blood heat up, my imagination starts to run wild!

You’re not going to describe those types of men in any detail? *Walks away pouting.*

5. Are you a plotter or a pantser and why?
Definitely a pantser! I tried to be a plotter but when my writing gets the better of me the plot morphs into the story complete with dialogue. So I gave up plotting and remained true to form of being a pantser. See, when I start listening to my characters, I need to write down what they say the way they say it to me otherwise the moment is lost.

6. Tell me three things on your bucket list.
Sky diving, take to the racetrack with a Ducati 1199 Panigale, to hit the New York Times bestsellers list.

I hope you achieve all of them sooner than later.

7. Describe your writing year so far and what’s on the horizon.
It’s been an absolutely incredible ride so far. After writing for so long, I was only published this year. So this year has been a turning point in my life. I still have a lot of stories to tell. There are about eight books in the Cynn Cruor series as well as developing another paranormal series. I’m also a contemporary romance author so there are three stories I’m working on as well. One of these stories will be co-authored with another author I truly admire. I’ve also finished a historical fiction novel under a different pen name and that will likely come out next year, though I don’t know exactly when.

8. What’s your favorite thing to eat or drink?
Single Malt scotch, straight and neat. To eat? Cheese. I can hear my tummy rumbling now. Hahaha!

You are a woman after my own heart! Love a woman who enjoys hard liquor.

9. If you could live someplace else, where would it be and why?
Tuscanny because I think it’s a romantic and inspiring place to live.

10. You’re holding a cocktail party. Five guests are on the invitation list – living or dead. Who are they and why?
Warren Buffet to get pointers on investing. Kahlil Gibran, to talk about The Prophet. Ophrah Winfrey, to know how to be as inspiring as she is. Diana, Princess of Wales to know how she managed to keep William and Harry grounded and how she instilled a social conscience in them. J.K. Rowling, to learn more on how to be a best writer you can ever be. Finally, I’d like to have Jacques de Molay to learn more about the Knights Templar.

If you’re as fascinated as I am with Isobelle, you’ll want to investigate her books.

Forever at Midnight 180 x 200Forever at Midnight –The Cynn Cruor Bloodline, Book 2
Buy Links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Rapture at Midnight 180 x 200

Rapture at Midnight: The Cynn Cruor Bloodline, Book 1
Buy Links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

????????????????Love in her Dreams – Contemporary Romance
Buy Links:
Secret Cravings Publishing
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Follow Isobelle’s blog.  Also find her on: Facebook, her Amazon Author page, on Twitter and Goodreads.

Thank you for having me guest in your blog!

You’re so welcome. I wish you the very best with your new career as an author.


About Margie Church

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren't typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her books fascinating. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well. Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, biking, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh.
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  1. Oh by the way, sending you a dram of Benromach single malt. Straight and neat. Cheers! (raises glass in a virtual clink.) 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for having me Margie. Oh and for the men, I have a hankering for well defined, muscular bodies but not of the steroid kind. Lickable six pack abs, strong biceps and shoulders are a definite must! 😉

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