Celebrating Irish Pride!

Author Kemberlee Shortland winds up her exciting week of new releases and re-releases that celebrate Irish Pride! How fitting as the books are not only set in Ireland but published there. Kemberlee is an author and the publisher of the one and only Tirgearr Publishing in the County Kildare, Ireland. (They also published two of my titles.)  If you’re a fan of series, this is one to read!

Raise your glass in a celebratory cheer to Kemberlee and her three spectacular titles:       Rhythm Of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland - 500   A Piece Of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland - 500   Shape Of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland - 500

Irish Pride series, book one


Artist Representative, Eilis Kennedy, gave up a singing career so that other women could have a fair chance at having their music heard. Having suffered rejection from callous men in the industry, she thought she would get away from ‘casting couch’ mentality. But when she finds herself in the office of Fergus Manley, all bets are off. Disgusted by his continual come-ons and lewd invitations, Eilis is looking for ‘the one’ who will take her career to the next level, getting out from under Fergus’s controlling thumb.

Aspiring blues guitarist, Kieran Vaughan, is looking for his big break. But after suffering near bankruptcy at the hands of an unscrupulous business partner, Kieran is left picking up the pieces. He’s unsure if the debts will ever be paid or if he’ll ever have a chance to do something with his music. At his whit’s end, he’s about ready to throw in the towel and find a full-time job with real hours.

When Eilis discovers Kieran playing in a seedy pub in Dublin’s Northside, she knows he’s the one rare talent she’s been searching for. With her know-how and his talent, Eilis will finally get everything she’s been waiting for. Neither of them count on the powerful attraction from first meeting. Eilis is so rocked by Keiran’s forthright words that it sends her running. Kieran risks being arrested as he chases Eilis across Ireland.

Seeing what’s happening between Eilis and Kieran, anger wells inside Fergus and he steps up his pursuit of Eilis. Refusing to let Kieran get in his way, Fergus vows to add Eilis’s notch to his bedpost, whatever it takes.

Will Kieran be able to protect her?

Irish Pride series, book two


Mick and Kate thought they were falling in love. Kate hadn’t been just the girl next door. She’d been Mick’s life, and he hers. When an unforeseen force draws them apart they’re left with wounds that refuse to heal. Now, ten years on, Mick’s father’s will should have been straightforward, except his addendum was like ice water in Mick’s face.

It’s essential that Mick and Kate work together to save his family’s farm. Mick doesn’t count on his new manager being accused of murder, and Kate doesn’t expect a dangerously seductive woman from Dublin to claim Mick is the father of her child.

Kate thought she was falling in love with Mick all over again; however this newest revelation is too much for her. She is determined to finally say goodbye to her childhood sweetheart forever, but Mick has other plans for Kate’s future. And none of them involve goodbye.
And now for the newest book in the series and an excerpt!

Irish Pride series, book three


Gráinne has moved back to Dublin to get her life straightened out. She dreams of college and a better life. She’s working for her brother, Kieran, in his newly reopened pub, The Blues Tavern, but the money isn’t enough to support herself and pay tuition. Moonlighting at The Klub! as an exotic dancer seems to be her answer fast money.

John ‘JD’ Desmond is a detective working undercover in the Blues Tavern. The Klub!, owned by Jimmy Malloy, is being used as a drug front, headed by the notorious Taylor Wade. JD had intended to get Gráinne to snitch for him, but when he falls in love with her, things get complicated.

When Gráinne witnesses Jimmy’s murder, she and JD are forced to go on the run until Wade can be apprehended. Wade lives up to his nickname, The Hunter, and JD and Gráinne quickly find themselves at the end of a gun and running for their lives.

Over the next couple hours JD tread lightly around Gráinne and peace settled between them. He hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to her again with the evening prep, but as he looked at his watch he knew her shift ended soon.

He’d tried almost every tactic he could think of to get her to reveal more about herself and he was getting anxious at her continued aloofness. He didn’t want to have to resort to seducing her. While the idea of getting her into bed was appealing, he just preferred to do it under other circumstances. He fancied her like hell, but he couldn’t let his libido get in the way of his job. She was his best hope at getting the information he desperately needed. So he’d have to resort to another tactic if he was going to get her to talk. Blackmail was one he was loath to use, but at this stage in the game, he had little choice.

There was a lull in the pub now that the afternoon crowds were gone and the evening prep had been done. If he was going to confront her, he had to do it now.

Gráinne stood at the end of the bar flipping through a magazine. The twinkling Christmas lights over the back bar shone on her dark hair. As she moved, the highlights reflected like electric current through the strands curling around her face. His heart thumped a little harder looking at her.

He reminded himself he wasn’t here to bartend. He was here to gather information. His future depended on it. He couldn’t afford another wasted day so it was now or never.

His pounding heart made it suddenly hard to breathe. He hated having to do this to her.

“Gráinne, can we talk?”

“Talk?” She put her magazine aside. “About what?”

“I think you know.” He locked gazes with her. He could tell she was nervous by the way she started fidgeting.

Then she turned away, refusing to look at him for longer than a millisecond. “My love life is none of your concern,” she told him, reminding him unnecessarily of their previous discussion.

“That’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Then I don’t know what you mean.” She spun on her heel, intent on leaving the bar area.

He grasped her arm. To his surprise, she didn’t struggle. But something odd happened as he loosened his grasp. He felt something powerful pass between them. His fingers tingled as he touched her. It radiated up his arm and shot through his body.

For the second time today, he felt himself stiffen, and wished that circumstances were different, that she was naked beneath him and gazing up at him with eyes he knew would undo him.

She glanced over her shoulder, but not directly at him. “Let me go.” Her barely audible words shook him back to the moment. It wasn’t a command, but he couldn’t help noticing her words were tinged with pleading.

“Will you stay to talk with me? I think this is important.” His own voice was softer now. When she relaxed he reluctantly released his hold. She kept her gaze averted, her arms folded protectively in front of her, refusing to look at him. He knew she was waiting for something, anything, to draw her away.

Reaching under the bar, he extracted the black plastic sack he’d brought in with him today. He knew the item inside would shatter any peace he hoped to make with her.

He looked at the sack for a moment, thinking about what could never be between them. There was a job to be done and it didn’t include getting emotionally involved. He hoped the more he reminded himself of this fact he’d eventually come to believe it.

Sighing, he extracted a black velvet bra and held it up for her inspection. She only cast it a side-glance.

“I take it you know where I got this.”

“Anne Summers?”


“Well then, I have no idea.”

He saw her swallow hard then move over to the taps to pour herself a cola. She swallowed deeply from the glass.

“I think you do. Let’s not . . . dance . . . around the subject, Gráinne. We both know where I got this, and I’d lay odds at Paddy Powers your brother doesn’t know what you’ve been up to.”

His heart ached as he forced himself to goad her.

The look she shot him would have incinerated the average man, but he wasn’t average. He was a man with a mission, and Gráinne was the only one who could help him.

“By that look, I’d say I’ve hit the nail on the head.”

“So, what of it.”

“Why haven’t you told Kieran?” he asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

“I somehow doubt he’d understand why I’m . . . moonlighting.”

JD chuckled lightly. “Moonlighting? Is that what they’re calling it these days?”

“Just stop. What do you want from me? Not that it’s any of your business what I do on my own time.”

“I need your help.”

A single brow arched over her eye. “With what? Wait, let me guess,” she seethed, throwing her hands on her hips. “You want a private show. Or you want me to entertain some friends. And you’re going to use this,” she fingered the bra he still held in his hand, “as a bribe to get me to do it for free.”

“Not quite. While I wouldn’t mind a private show, it’s not entertainment I’m looking for.”

“What’s this?” Kieran suddenly appeared behind the bar, startling them both. JD saw Gráinne’s face go pale, and thought she would faint then and there.

She moonlights, eh?  Fantastic excerpt, Kem, lots of great suspense and angst…I wonder what lie slips from whose lips next!

Kemberlee ShortlandLet’s get to know Kemberlee a little before you dash off to buy her books!

Do you have to get in the mood to write a love scene?  Of course! Foreplay, for me, starts with emotion. I need to feel the moment or readers won’t feel it. I never write gratuitous sex. Sex has to matter. For it to matter, there has to be a build up of emotion to the first touch, the first kiss, the first bared shoulder. Great sex is 90% emotion and 10% below the waistband. If you don’t have emotion, whatever else happens is meaningless, IMO. When I go back later and read what I wrote, if it doesn’t tug at my own desires, I know it won’t work for readers.

Describe what you see right now. We just moved into a new rental last September. It’s a cute little bungalow that was extended with a big sitting room out back that’s connected to the single car garage that was converted into a spare room which we use as an office. The original garage door was replaced with a ‘wall of glass’ consisting of a panel of glass going from near the ceiling to just above the floor. There’s a glass door leading to the upper part of the driveway, which was fenced off near the front of the house to form a little patio. I have a convertible bench/picnic table under the kitchen window I sit on when the sun is shining, as the afternoon sun creates a sun trap on the patio. On the other side of the office is the door into the office from the sitting room. Through this door, I can see through one of the many windows in the sitting room through to the back garden. The back fence blew down in one of the winter storms so there’s a new fence there now. At the foot of the fence, all the daffodils have come up for the season, and all the roses are really leafing out now. Beyond the fence, I can see the top of Maiden Tower down along the estuary. It’s a medieval lighthouse that stands at the mouth of the River Boyne where it joins the Irish Sea.

Sounds spectacular. I love roses – I have a few climbers myself – and lighthouses and the ocean? What a perfect scene to inspire your muse.

You’re holding a cocktail party. Five guests are on the invitation list – living or dead. Who are they and why?  Janis Joplin, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (musically, they’re attached at the hip so I’ll count them as one), David Gilmour, Ann Wilson, and John Steinbeck. I love music and these musicians are some of my favorites. Also, I grew up in a place known as Steinbeck Country so I’ve read many of John Steinbeck’s tales. I count him amongst some of my favorite classic writers. I’d have them all at my party. Imagine the music that would be played and all the great stories told!

I’ve always been a Gilmour fan. Ann Wilson has such a spectacular voice. I know it would be a great evening.

Now for the books! You can buy them or learn more about them here:

Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/Kemberlee-Shortland/e/B003C0F7C6
Tirgearr Publishing: www.tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Shortland_Kemberlee 

Find out more about Kemberlee and her work:

Website: www.kemberlee.com
Blog: www.heartshapedstones.blogspot.com
Blog: www.hearticles.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KemberleeShortland
Twitter: www.twitter.com.kemberlee
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/kemberlee
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/2980907.Kemberlee_Shortland

Thank you for being my guest today, Kem. Best wishes with the series and thanks for being such a terrific publisher to work with.

Until the next time,


Find all my books on Amazon, including my new release, Deep Enough to Bleed.



About Margie Church

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren't typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her books fascinating. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well. Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, biking, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh.
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  1. Kemberlee says:

    Thanks for hosting me today, Margie. Thrilled to be featured on your blot.

    I’m happy to answer any questions your readers might have.

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