About Margie Church

Margie Church

Welcome to my blog. This is the place I share updates about my writing career, host guest authors, publishers, and cover models. You’ll find out a bit about what it’s like to be an author, and follow my journey – wherever it takes me. I don’t blog often, so don’t expect to be inundated. I like to have some fun. This is an ADULT blog.

I’ve been writing since I was a child and have spent most of my career as a copywriter. I began writing fiction in 1998, and my first romance was published the following year. In keeping with moniker, Romance With SASS (Suspense, Angst, Seductive Sizzle), my books feature those elements. All are contemporary, adult themes that include gay, BDSM, menage, polyamory, M/F, interracial pairings, vampires, and ghosts.

I recently completed a wonderful piece of women’s fiction that I hope will be published next year. If there’s anything you can expect from me, it’s something new all the time. Click on any of the menu tabs to find my books, poetry, and website.

I’m a wife and mother, a native Minnesotan. I’m a workaholic and a Facebook addict. When I’m not writing, I enjoy music, hanging out with my family, gardening, fishing, biking, and walking.


I’m gay-friendly and this is an adult blog. If you are offended, please leave. If you’ve got an open mind, I’d love to have you subscribe and start a conversation.


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