Manufactured holiday?

my heart 1On a day that celebrates love, many scoff at the manufactured, capitalist holiday, saying they don’t need a holiday to demonstrate their love.

When I hear that, I automatically think their spouse, lover, or partner must be a lucky person. They are so regularly showered with words and acts of love they don’t need that February 14 boost at all.

Then there’s the rest of us who curse the chores of life, the demands loving obligations bring. I can’t say I’ve thanked my lucky stars as I’ve cleaned up mud-caked floors and listened to the grumblings over a dinner they don’t particularly like. Again.

snoopy hugsMy husband and I always kiss each other goodbye. We don’t care who’s watching. We say, “I love you,” every time we leave each other and at the end of a phone call. We make time for each other. It takes a lot of energy to keep up those loving feelings year after year – sometimes day after day during a particularly rough patch. I probably could say we don’t need Valentine’s Day to show affection or be reminded of it. But I think it’s a day to do something extra and if you haven’t done much lately, maybe it’s the day you begin again or try harder. And if you’re a single person, spoil your pet, the neighbor, your grandparent, a neighbor child a little bit. Bring something homemade, give a compliment, offer a helping hand.

If I’ve learned anything in the past few months its that those we love can be gone in an instant. The ferocious pain of those losses has blistered my heart. More will come, yes, but this Valentine’s Day for me is more about trying to minimize the regrets.

Think about it.

Thanks for spending time with me today.


If you believe in love and romance, please check out my books.

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Hiatus to end

Last fall I hit the writing wall. On my way to the floor (thank you for always being there for me), I recognized the enthusiasm I felt for writing fiction had been snuffed out by other demands and the death of my brother. I spent a huge part of last year on re-releases and getting two new novels on the market. I welcomed those opportunities. Three different publishers, each with different requirements. Different demands when I was tapped out emotionally, physically.

Many people mistakenly think books sell by themselves and that once you sign a contract, things can coast. You’ve probably heard me say before that is the moment an author should feel like they just strapped themselves into the roller coaster car of your life. The hard work, though different, is just beginning.

What did I learn during these last months? The ebbs and tides of my life aren’t separate from my writing career. Writing isn’t my hobby. It’s woven into the fabric of my psyche. The events and emotion of 2014 will find their way into new work. I will be able to build characters with greater depth and vibrancy because my life is richer in ways many people might not characterize as rich.

MC_BostonBoyfriends_coverinI am thoroughly enjoying the success of Boston Boyfriends, which was released in December. Gay romance readers have been so generous to me. Gay romance is and always has been my best-selling genre. Thank you. Boston Boyfriend’s success has perked up the sales of my other gay romances and my entire back list.

The past four months I haven’t written any new work. I’m ready to pick up again with One Night in Minneapolis – a short story promised to Tirgearr Publishing. They have The Poet’s Wife and Deep Enough to Bleed – two extraordinary books that readers who thirst for unique, powerful stories will appreciate.  This work is almost half complete and I’m eager to have it join their City Nights series.

Following that, I will write the third book in the Razor trilogy – Love’s Reflection. I severed my writing partnership with K.B. Cutter last spring because of our complicated work schedules but I have his blessing to write this story alone. It’s been on my mind for almost two years. It’s time to share how Amy, Bryce and Raine’s story ends. It’s complex and a bit intimidating to take on alone. However, K.B. and I laid out the storyline a year ago and I can use him as an editorial consultant if needed.

destinyBottom line – my self-imposed hiatus is over. Like all the other dark times in a person’s life, there comes a time when you thirst for the familiar and find joy again in that which provided so much happiness in the past.

Thank you for being a friend and a fan. I hope you’ll make time to visit my author page and choose a book. I wrote them for you. It might sound crazy but I write with readers in mind. We want to make you happy you spent the money and time on my work. Many are on sale right. All I ask is that you never download a book on a torrent site. If you see my books for sale on legitimate retailers there is never a reason to think I’m giving them away somewhere. It’s theft. One theft leads to thousands more and thousands in dollars I’ll never get paid. Please do the honorable thing and buy them or try to win them.

Margie ChurchThanks for spending time with me today. I hope 2015 is starting out wonderfully for you and I look forward to sharing new works with you soon.



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In the rear view mirror

Yes, that’s where 2014 is.  Today I think the year must feel like Mondays…scorned if the year went badly. I had some tough, tough times. I looked at my Facebook year-in-review and man, it wasn’t pretty.

But Facebook isn’t my spokesperson.

I had some fantastic events this year. I had four books come out – all full novels!

Deep Enough To Bleed by Margie Church - 200   thecameraneverlies_msr   comingbackfordrew_msr 2   MC_BostonBoyfriends_coverin

Three terrific publishers took a chance on me with these books and I was the lucky winner. Tirgearr Publishing contracted Deep Enough to Bleed. I celebrated its release with a huge book party. What a blast it was. Deep Enough to Bleed is New Adult story with bold reality. Jolene moves heaven and earth to put her dark childhood behind her and create a happy life. It’s sale priced right now for only $0.99. Wow. If I’m a new-to-you author, Deep Enough to Bleed is a compelling read I know you’ll enjoy.

The Camera Never Lies and Coming Back for Drew are a two-book re-release brought to you by Ellora’s Cave. The Camera Never Lies is Kevin’s coming out story. He falls hard for Teak – but his whole life changes because of it and some people undermine every step they take. This north woods romance is sure to light your fires this winter.

Readers meet Drew in The Camera Never Lies, but the story of how he landed in northern Minnesota is revealed in Coming Back for Drew. The love of Drew’s life, Luis, returns after six years apart. The sparks fly in anger and lust. These two have a lot to settle if they’re going to rewrite their history. Just as things are getting worked out Drew is beaten and left for dead. Luis has a chance to step up to the plate in every way that counts. This is a fabulous suspense novel with awesome legal scenes and gangs. Coming Back for Drew is great book for men and women. Both of these books are price reduced for a limited time.

And finally Boston Boyfriends just released three weeks ago from Loose Id. Stiegen and Porter have a hot hookup in Miami at a wedding…Porter is instantly infatuated but Stiegen has other plans for his life. Romance builds in Boston. You’ll love the way they love and laugh. Boston Boyfriends is also holiday priced. Grab it tonight.

BA-fb-banner  If you’re participating in Brita’s Birthday Happy-Birthday-Balloons-FreeTreasure Hunt, you could be the lucky winner of any book on my back list.

Click to see which books you might select from and then enjoy the rest of my dear friend’s Birthday Treasure Hunt.

What else? I had fabulous gardens this summer and wrote a ton of new poetry. Catch my poetry on Pinterest and see what else I enjoy!

2014 wreathsOur Christmas wreaths turned out wonderfully and it was a pleasure to see the smiles from the people who received them.

My husband and children are happy and healthy. My job is very rewarding. The nuke plant can be intimidating, but I love the challenge and they appreciate my talents. I come home exhausted many days and happy I made a difference using many of the skills I’ve amassed over my career. Who should complain about that?

So, I’ll try not to focus on the difficult times behind me. Hopefully there’ll be enough joy in the coming year to get us through the rough patches. I appreciate every reader that’s come my way. I know there’s a lot of competition for your time and your money. The fact you chose my books humbles me. Thank you and I hope you’ll continue to be a fan.

Margie ChurchI wish you the very best in the coming year. Thanks for being a fan.


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Steamy Boston Boyfriends – Win it!

MC_BostonBoyfriends_coverinStiegen’s career is on fire. He’s finally achieving the fame and fortune he’s been working for. And then he spends a few steamy hours in the sack with Porter. It was supposed to be a booty call. A little personal celebration after his best friend married the woman of his dreams and he lands the contract of his dreams. But Porter isn’t easy to forget. When he returns to Boston, he runs into Porter in the Common. He can’t say no. He doesn’t want to.

But Porter won’t be used, nor is he attracted to Stiegen’s celebrity status. He’s looking for a life partner and Stiegen has the potential to be his heart’s desire.

Their hot Miami hookup turns into an unforgettable romance in Boston. Read Boston Boyfriends tonight and give it to the MM romance lover on your gift list.

I’m giving away a copy of this fantastic book. Go to Amazon and read the free chapters. Tell me what you think of their first meeting. You could win Boston Boyfriends.

Merry Christmas readers!


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Hot Cover Reveal – Boston Boyfriends

A hot hook up at a celebrity wedding leaves Porter Campbell wanting a whole lot more of gorgeous Stiegen Lange. Unfortunately for Porter, Stiegen’s career as a voice over actor is skyrocketing, MC_BostonBoyfriends_coverinand a serious relationship isn’t in his plans. Their hours together in Miami were more than a booty call for Porter, but what can he do?

Stiegen finds solace in Porter’s arms when his best friend nearly dies. Then, he organizes an unforgettable weekend of passion with Porter back in Boston. His feelings deepen. Saying good-bye to Porter gets harder every time, leaving him wondering whether his career can remain the center of his universe.

Because Porter’s in it for love and won’t settle for less.

Swoon! Celebrities, Miami, hot hookups and serious romance. M/M fans, Boston Boyfriends is a must buy for yourself and other romance readers on your gift list. Available December 16 from Loose Id and at your favorite electronic retailers.

Thanks, Valerie Tibbs for my fantastic cover!

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Love is better the second time around

That’s the lyric, and In Coming Back for Drew, Luis and Drew prove those words are true. Some will say that there’s no point in looking back, but when your heart is full of unresolved issues and you finally have the chance to set things right, what would you choose? That’s the question Drew and Luis have to answer.

Coming Back for Drew by Margie Church FB banner

In retrospect, both men can see where they screwed up six years ago. They both had a hand in it. They both did stupid things and did them well. When they accidentally meet in a leather bar in New Orleans, it’s a hell of a shock. It doesn’t go well at all as you’ll be able to tell from the excerpt I’ve posted below. But a love like theirs doesn’t just go away. Even if they can’t patch things up, the least they can do is set the record straight.

Their passion for each other is just as hot as ever. They’ve changed and saying goodbye isn’t an option. It takes time to rebuild trust that’s been broken and festering for six years. They’re determined to make their love work this time. They’ll be put to the test.

The powerful sequel to The Camera Never Lies is set in New Orleans and is full of suspense and high anxiety. You’ll love seeing Teak and Kevin (from The Camera Never Lies) show these two what commitment really means. A host of supporting characters add to the intrigue and bring some comic relief. I hope you enjoy the story and I look forward to your reviews.

Coming Back for Drew

Separatedcomingbackfordrew_msr 2 by bitterness and mistakes, Luis and Drew have tried to forget the love they once shared. Neither has done a good job.

When the former lovers accidentally meet in a French Quarter gay bar, six years of regret, anger and pent-up emotions erupt—but their passion is hotter than ever. Deciding their relationship is worth fighting for, the couple rekindles their romance, determined to find their way back to a lasting happiness.

Until a tragic event changes their lives irrevocably.

Now, with Drew desperately in need of someone to lean on, Luis has to decide if he’s strong enough for the job…strong enough to be there for Drew forever.


In an effort to take his mind off his throbbing dick, Luis looked at his mail. A glossy catalog slipped out of his fingers onto the floor. He retrieved the magazine—only to have Drew Rothem’s face stare back at him.

His breath left his lungs and didn’t return for several long seconds.

Luis’ gaze traced every inch of Drew’s photo, taken on a rocky, red-and-mustard-colored outcropping in some sort of a canyon. Drew looked as though someone had called his name and momentarily distracted him. Hiking boots and shorts revealed his muscular legs. A tight-fitting, short-sleeved shirt amplified the bulging biceps on his right arm, which steadied a large, blaze-red backpack. He looked healthy and strong.

Luis still couldn’t believe he was looking at a Marks on Redding Gallery catalog.

Two years ago, he’d discovered one lying on a chair at the airport. Bored out of his skull at the time, Luis had picked up the magazine and had been stunned to see Drew as one of the models. The pictures of Drew with Teak Hidalgo disgusted Luis, yet he’d fed his masochistic anger by paying for a subscription. He’d laughed about Drew’s ridiculous modeling career and hoped he’d fall flat on his ass. But failure hadn’t come.

Over time, Luis saw the catalogs as a very distant way to keep in touch with a man he once loved. Still loved, truth be told. Drew seemed as out of reach as ever. Now every six months, a catalog showed up in Luis’ office as a painful reminder of the fabled one who got away.

He sat down and looked through the beautiful outdoor photographs, paying special attention to the Woodlands Collection section. The models were some of the hottest men Luis had ever seen. His former lover, Drew, was a regular. A small grain of pride tasted bittersweet.

Flipping the page, a close-up of Drew with Teak made Luis let out a long, slow whistle.

A brilliant sunset blazed in the background and a light sheen of perspiration covered their faces. Damp hair clung to their foreheads. Teak’s green gaze seemed to bore into Drew’s, creating an entirely different heat than solar. Luis could only imagine what they’d been thinking about at that moment. Whenever he saw a photo of Teak, he had to admit Drew had damn good taste. Hidalgo could probably get any guy he wanted in the sack.

Luis didn’t recognize many of the men on the next few pages, but the inside back cover made him groan out loud.

Drew and Teak were standing in a brook that barely covered the rise of their hips. He wondered how they’d gotten through the shot without their erect cocks breaking the water’s surface. Luis’ inner jerk hoped they’d frozen their balls off in the mountain stream.

He examined the rivulets of water creating a sexy path down Drew’s lightly furred chest. Teak was leaning in for a kiss, and Drew’s expression said he’d waited long enough.

That was all Luis could take. He shut the catalog. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and middle finger, as though doing so would blot out the erotic image he’d just seen. Seconds later, he curled his fingers around the glossy catalog, crinkling it, destroying the perfect images Kevin Marks presented on the crisp pages. Grimacing, Luis cursed himself for his weakness, for needing to see Drew even if he appeared with Teak.

He reopened the magazine to a solo picture of Drew. While smoothing the rumpled page, heaviness filled his heart.

“Why couldn’t I see what I was doing to us?” He let out a long sigh.

He put the magazine in the back of a desk drawer with all the others he’d collected over the past few years. Grim reminders that second chances didn’t always come around.

Before he left for his dental appointment, Luis powered down his computer for the night and organized his desk. And seriously considered skipping the Novocain.

* * * * *

Drew took a long drink of whiskey then pressed the sweaty glass against his neck. The icy chill sent a shiver through him, making him wish the air conditioning did a better job.

Kyle worked his fingers up Drew’s ribs. “I’m shocked you took off your shirt. I know it’s one of your favorites.”

“I never seem to leave here wearing what I arrived in, or without bringing home something I didn’t own going in.” Drew gave him an easy smile. “I’m feeling extra horny tonight, and I figured losing the shirt was a small price to pay for making you happy.”

Kyle’s face lit up. He put his fingertips under Drew’s chin. “Let me thank you properly, Senior Agent.”

Drew wiggled his eyebrows and grinned. “Oh, so that’s how we’re gonna play it tonight?”

“Is it my turn to be cuffed or yours?” Seduction laced his voice.

“You’re the one wearing the hot leather ass chaps. I think I should arrest you. After you take off those useless jeans, of course.” Drew kissed him lightly.

“And then what?”

“I’m certain I’m going to fuck you, all trussed up and angry about being restrained. And when you magically break loose, I suppose turnabout’s fair play.”

Kyle grabbed Drew by the back of the neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. With his other hand, he twisted Drew’s nipple to painful proportions.

Drew didn’t mind. A little white-hot pain was part of their fun. His cock begged for release from his tight jeans. He couldn’t think straight when Kyle became the aggressor. If Drew didn’t stop now, he might lose control. He broke from their torrid kiss. His chest rose and fell with each gasping breath.

“Whoa. We need to slow things down here a little.” Drew reached for his whiskey.

Kyle clamped onto his other nipple with his teeth.

Drew reacted spontaneously, by holding Kyle’s head right where it was. He guzzled the last of his drink and pressed the glass, wet with condensation, against his forehead.

“You’re going to make me come if you don’t let go, Kyle.”

He looked up, and even in the dim lighting, Kyle’s desire clearly smoldered in his eyes. “Can’t have that.”

Drew handed Kyle his drink. “Goddamn it’s hot in here, in more ways than one.”

Effeminate laughter carried over the murmurs in the room, making Drew turn to see who’d arrived. The low-light conditions prevented him from clearly seeing the couple, one of whom was in drag.

Drew squinted as they came closer. One of the men was almost six feet tall. Dark-haired and barrel-chested, he had his arm around his date. A mid-thigh-length, tight skirt hugged the cross-dresser’s long, shapely legs. Drew had often wondered if tucking in his junk to wear a skirt like that would be worth the pain.

His date escorted the man in drag to a chair at an open table. “I’ll get you a drink.”

Drew’s head nearly snapped off his neck. What the fuck?

“A white wine for your Ronnie, please. And hurry back, Daddy. I’ll miss you.”

The man Ronnie had called Daddy turned toward the bar to leave.

Drew’s heart thundered in his chest. His mouth turned as dry as cornstarch. Could it be him?

“Luis?” He could hardly choke out the man’s name.

Kyle clasped his hand, preventing Drew from walking away. “Drew, do you know him?”

Luis stopped in mid-stride. He turned, as though in slow motion.

Drew removed Kyle’s grip and covered the distance between himself and Luis in a few long strides.

Ronnie rose from his chair.

Drew held up his hand, signaling for him to stay put. “Luis?”

Luis cleared his throat then inhaled, drawing himself to his full intimidating height. “What are you doing here? I thought you’d holed up in Minnesota permanently.”

Drew couldn’t believe who he was seeing. He scoured every inch of Luis’ face with his gaze, searching for the small changes that indicated Luis had gotten older and wiser. “I live in New Orleans—Metairie, actually. I moved here two years ago.”

Luis snorted.

Ronnie slipped an arm around Luis’ waist and gave Drew a look. “Do you know this guy?” Jealousy oozed from Ronnie’s voice and posture.

Know him? Drew wanted to laugh. What an understatement.

Kyle showed up at the same moment and put an arm around Drew’s shoulders. “This is Luis?”

Drew gave Kyle a sidelong glance. “Yes.” He hoped the wonderment he felt hadn’t manifested itself in his voice.

Luis reached out and ran his index finger down Drew’s chest. “You’re even prettier than in your pictures.”

Drew knew he was going to either throw up or punch Luis. How dare you touch me? Pictures? Has he seen the Woodlands photos? His brain sputtered out remarks that evaporated before they reached his tongue.

Ronnie clasped his upper arm. “Let’s go, Luis. Obviously this guy has some issues.” He turned his nose up at Drew in an arrogant huff, dismissing him.

Drew glared at Luis’ date. “Since when do you go for the beauty queens?”

“Since when do you prance around in front of the camera for a living?”

The sneer in Luis’ voice infuriated Drew. He glared back. “I think it’s time for the old man to go to bed.”

Ronnie shot Drew an eat-shit-and-die look.

Luis’ eyebrows rose. “I seem to recall many nights you loved going to bed with the old man.” He turned his attention to Kyle, gazing at him like a turd on the sidewalk. “You look like a poor substitute.”

Drew put his arm around Kyle’s waist. “Let’s get out of here, Kyle. I had no idea this place had turned into a tourist trap.”

Luis let out a deep chuckle as they walked past. “I’m no tourist, my dear. I live here too.”

A burst of heat flared in Drew’s chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and let his brain absorb the information.

Kyle’s voice was low and comforting. “Come on, let’s go.”

He nodded, letting Kyle steer him through the crowd, past the bouncer and onto the sidewalk. That’s not how I envisioned our reunion would go. Six years apart, and we take potshots at each other’s dates?

Copyright © MARGIE CHURCH, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Sequel to The Camera Never Lies. A Romantica® GLBT erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Krewe Daddy.

Contest Time!  I’m giving away a copy of BOTH books – that’s just double the fun. Tell me your vision of second chance love and you can win. I want to know whether you’d deserve the second chance or why you’d never give one.

Can’t wait to buy? Let me help you out! Get both books at Ellora’s Cave. The publisher has all the formats and best pricing! You can also get these books and my entire backlist at Amazon.

Peace TonziI know this is getting long, but I had to thank all of you for your condolences over the loss of my brother, Tony. I have to say this has probably been one of the most traumatic events in my life. I’m deeply saddened to lose my favorite brother and I think it’s going to take a long while for me to accept what’s happened and smile over his memory.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.


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Autumn news

HumpkinI’m known for my quirky sense of humor. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about blowing out the candle FIRST.

There’s lots going on in my world these days!  First of all, I’m celebrating 32 years of marriage later this week. In this day in age, it’s remarkable to hear people staying married this long. It hasn’t been fun a lot of times, but there’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. This January he’ll become president at the local gun club and I can tell everyone, “I’m sleeping with the President.” *rim shot*

Coming Back for Drew by Margie Church FB bannerOn October 29, Coming Back for Drew will be released by Ellora’s Cave. This is the exciting sequel to The Camera Never Lies. These two books have very special places in my heart since the cemented my good standing with the GLBT readers around the world when they were previously published. Suffice it to say that both are very strong stories that’ll have you turning the pages as fast as you can read.

The next book after that is Boston Boyfriends. Loose Id has this title and I can’t wait to have it hit the market. I haven’t got cover art yet and first edits will come to me in a few days. Boston Boyfriends is about two men who meet at a celebrity wedding. They start out being each others’ booty call and end up becoming so much more. I expect this one to be out around Christmas or shortly after the New Year.

On my desk is One Night in Minneapolis for Tirgearr Publishing’s City Nights Series. As the title indicates, it takes place in my adopted home. The novella is a very hot love story between Vince and Skylar. They knew each other in high school and their 10 year class reunion is a weekend to remember.

eroticThe challenge with novellas and short stories is including enough information so readers have a clear understanding of the characters, their motivations and the attractions they feel beyond sweaty sex. Vince and Skylar are very adventurous and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading all about that – and when it’s over, I bet you’ll know there’s a lot more to this couple. On my desk, as I said and I hope it will be finished by Christmas. With the day job, nothing gets written quickly…but at least I’m writing!

I hope autumn is beautiful wherever you are. The temps are falling fast here. We’ve had heavy frost several days in a row and the bird bath has been frozen. I spent part of the weekend clearing my summer gardens and making room for some new things I want to do in the spring. It’s something for me to be excited about as the winter yawns in front of us.

I appreciate the time you’ve spent with me today. And I hope you’ll check out these books when they come on the market – and of course read all the others I’ve written too!

Until the next time,


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